The evenings are drawing in, the temperatures dropping and everything’s getting a little bit cosier. Autumn is almost upon us and it’s a season that brings so many new and exciting interior style trends.

Seasonal change gives you the chance to give your home a fresh look and a more comforting environment for the colder months.

Let’s look at some of this autumn’s trends:

Black/Dark Furniture

It can feel a bit risky to go for black furniture, somehow it feels like you’re doing something wrong when style guides are telling you to make spaces light and airy. But this season, dark furniture is definitely in, moving from cool grey tones to something darker. Black kitchens are going to be especially popular, with sophisticated black surfaces and interiors, including chairs and lighting, which you can match with metallic fittings.

The great thing about a darker colour scheme is you can accessorise and use layers to create a warmer look, so if you want to experiment with darker furniture, try combining it with pinks, pastels and blushes. It’s really important to create a balance, so the black isn’t too overpowering, for example you can have white walls and ceiling, so you’ve still got lighter tones to complement black.

Create Texture

We spoke about the need to make your home comforting and inviting and you can easily do this with lots of layers and different textures. That’s what autumn is about, embracing hygge and making a safe haven for you to settle down and relax in. Curtains, rugs, blankets and cushions give you a great opportunity to change the colour scheme in a room and provide warmth. Ambers, greens and blues are lovely autumnal colours and extra print can inject fun through textiles and accessories. You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug!

Greens and Florals

Autumn isn’t a season for growth and some people struggle with the dark nights and lack of light running up to Christmas. It can sap energy and motivation. Putting together a natural look can be a great antidote to autumn/winter blues – palm print wallpaper is in, as well as greens, florals and pink blush accessories to bring some vibrancy into a space and counteract dark and rainy days.

Peacock blue is also a really popular colour for interiors this autumn. It’s a really rich, vibrant tone and it goes beautifully with millennial pink or pink blush. You can also match it with florals to create an explosion of colour in any room. Peacock blue curtains, cushions and other accessories, like indoor plants can all add to a strong, bold colour scheme.

Neutral Tones

If you don’t fancy an influx of colour in your home, then a neutral colour scheme is always popular and you can find plenty of accessories to go with it. It keeps a space elegant and clean looking and you can add whatever furniture you want to keep it neutral-looking.

For lots more ideas and inspiration for revamping your interiors in autumn, contact our team today at Adam Kristian, for traditional, contemporary and bespoke style.

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