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Specialists in Interior Design, Manufacture and Installation Hyde, Cheshire

Adam Kristian is a family owned and run business in Hyde, Cheshire. We have over 60 years’ experience in the fitted kitchen business and unlike most other kitchen companies we have our own factory where we manufacture our kitchens here in Hyde.

Our factory uses the latest automated machines for accuracy and then assembled by hand before being passed to quality control for a final check over to make sure it meets our demanding standards. The units are then wrapped for protection and then are ready to be delivered. We deliver in a plain white van, so neighbours are not alerted to your project. Less advertising for us but more discreet for you.

Because we make the cabinets ourselves, we are able to do many things that other companies cannot do. All our units are made to the very highest specification using all the best brands available such as “Krono Swiss & Egger” boards and “Blum” hinges and drawer runners who give a lifetime guarantee on their products. This means if ever the drawer runners or hinges fail, they will be replaced free of charge, but they never will.

Our Services

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets & Units

Standard wall units are 300mm deep in the industry, but this can cause a problem where the doors won’t close if you have larger plates. The common way to overcome this is to fit backs to the units that are only 8mm thick (and sometimes only 4mm). This makes for a very weak unit. We use 18mm thick backs which makes the units extremely strong. So, what about the doors closing you may ask? Well, easy really. All our wall units are 330mm deep which allows for the very deepest plates.

Our base cabinets are also fitted with 18mm solid backs, but it doesn’t stop there. We don’t use “iron on edges” as most companies do. Our units are edged in solid PVC edging up to 2mm thick. As the kitchen is an area with a high moisture content in the air, we edge ALL edges. Pull a shelf out from your kitchen or from a kitchen showroom and have a look. You might be surprised to see bare chipboard edges and on the back of the shelf. This is just done to save money. One of the ways to tell if a kitchen is a genuine Adam Kristian kitchen is every edge is bonded EVEN the ones you can’t see. In short, we don’t cut corners to save money. We save you money a different way…we make the cabinets ourselves, so we don’t have to buy them from a manufacturer and then put a profit on top for us.

We can also make your kitchen in a much timelier fashion than most companies as we are not at the mercy of the suppliers, we make our own. Your kitchen can be manufactured usually within two weeks of order (subject to which kitchen you are having) and then fitted within a week.

Project Management

When we undertake a project, we can work with your architect, interior designer, builder or we can do the entire project ourselves. We have our own in-house building department so we can take care of any walls to come out, doors or windows to be bricked up or moved, plastering, tiling, electrical, Gas, plumbing work etc. In fact, we can do as little as just fit the kitchen to as much as building the extension and putting the kitchen in it.

All our projects are “Project Managed” from the original design to the completed project. Our designers are highly knowledgeable and have at least 30 years’ experience. They will listen to your thoughts and ideas and offer some that you may not have thought of yourself.

All this together with the fact that your cabinets come with soft closing hinges and drawers as standard and can be made in any one of over 100 colours, yes including Pink as one customer wanted, and in fact to any size, you are not limited to standard sizes with us and that they don’t cost any extra to be a bespoke size or colour we are quite confident that we can build and install your dream kitchen and make it a pleasurable experience from initial ideas to bunch of flowers at the end.

Small Details Make a Big Impression!