Here at Adam Kristian, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect bespoke kitchen for your home. Your kitchen is the perfect social hub – whether it’s preparing dinner for the family, making a cup of tea for a natter with a best friend or feeding the dog his favourite food. Kitchens are the heart of the home and that’s why we love working with our customers to create something truly special.

Our bespoke design service means that your kitchen can be individually crafted, using the highest-quality materials and built with style and durability in mind.

Local, In-House Design

We think it’s really important to have as much control over our design process as possible and this applies to the materials that we use with our kitchens too. That’s why we self-manufacture all of our furniture locally in Hyde, instead of outsourcing it. Lovingly creating all of our products with complete creative control allows us to listen to exactly what you want and bring it to life.

And we can ensure that all of kitchens are delivered to an exceptionally high standard and carry out the necessary quality checks throughout the manufacture and install process.

On-trend Design 

All of our experienced, professional designers are up-to-date with modern trends, as well as tried and tested designs that we think work really well in kitchen design. We bring new ideas and insights, based on years of experience to every new project. We’ve worked in all sorts of different property styles, so we can offer suggestions and recommendations for what we’ve seen work really well before and any new trends we think you’d love.

Our large showroom is the perfect place to give you an idea of the designs we’ve worked on and helps you to create a vision for your own kitchen.


What sets us apart from other companies, is the constant communication and ultra-responsive customer service that we offer to everyone that we work with. Your project is of upmost importance to you, so we treat it with the importance it deserves. Our team are always on hand to offer advice, support and aim to respond to your requests as swiftly as possible. 

We know that there are sometimes hiccups along the way with kitchen design, so we want to make your project as stress-free as it can be and we think good communication is a key part of that. 

Project Management

When we work with you and are invited into your home to design your kitchen, we take this responsibility really seriously. This means that every decision and change needs to be run past you and we see this process as a mutual relationship, where we listen to your feedback and deliver solutions. Managing a project effectively is a huge part of the kitchen design process, so we aim to make the process run as seamlessly as possible. We’re always checking in, giving updates and ensuring that everything is running smoothly on our side and on yours.

For more advice and info on your own bespoke kitchen design, contact our experienced team today.

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